Links for Flow Cytometry


Training on the Accuri C6, LSRFortessa and FACSCanto

Life Technologies Fluorescence and Flow Cytometry Tutorials

BD Biosciences Introduction to Flow Cytometry  

Multicolor Flow Cytometry:  The Brilliant Violet Family of Fluorophores  (Kelly Lundsten; BioLegend)

Compensation, an informal perspective  (Mario Roederer; modified May 24, 2000)


ABCore Instruments

Lasers and Detectors for Aria, Canto, Fortessa and Accuri C6 pdf

BD LSR Fortessa (brochure pdf) or LSR Fortessa (general information)

FACS Aria II (brochure pdf) or FACSAria II (general information)

Accuri C6 (brochure pdf) and Accuri C6 (general information)

FACS Canto  (brochure pdf)


Additional Flow Tutorials

Introduction to Flow Cytometry I (J. Paul Robinson PhD; PUCL)

Introduction to Flow Cytometry II (J. Paul Robinson PhD; PUCL)


Software Tutorials and User Guides

FACSDiva v6 Software Overview Course  (BD Biosciences)

Accuri C6 Software User Guide.pdf

BD CSampler Software User Guide.pdf 

FlowJo Tutorials

WinMDI 2.8 download and tutorial



Practical Flow Cytometry  (Howard Shapiro); free download with registration

Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction  (Michael G. Ormerod)


Instrument User Guides

Fortessa User's Guide.pdf

Canto User's Guide.pdf

Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer Instrument Manual.pdf

FlowJo Manuals


Organizations and Flow User Group

PUCL  Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories.  Lots of flow information and the Purdue Cytometry Discussion List (new and archived threads covering many topics; threads are from novice users as well as experienced users)

International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (

Southeast Flow Cytometry Interest Group


Compensation and Controls

Compensation, an informal perspective  (Mario Roederer; modified May 24, 2000)

Fluorescence Compensation.pdf (Jennifer Wilshire, PhD; FlowJo) Besides compensation, this article goes over setting up FMOs

Compensation:  The gruesome details  (Mario Roederer; modified May 24, 2000)

Compensation:  It's not just for pretty pictures.pdf  (Mario Roederer)


General Information

BD Biosciences Flow Cytometry – application notes, webinars, protocols

BD Archived Webinars

BD Spectral Viewer

Life Technologies Spectral Viewer

BioLegend Spectra Analyzer

eBioscience Spectra Viewer

BD Biosciences Multicolor Panel Designer – see first link for examples of Mouse and Human panels

FluoroFinder Panel Designer – resource to streamline panel design tailored for cytometers in the core


Some BD articles worth noting

Introduction to Flow pdf

Interpreting flow cytometry data: a guide for

the perplexed  (Leonore A Herzenberg, James Tung, Wayne A Moore, Leonard A Herzenberg & David R Parks)


Selecting Reagents for Multicolor Flow Cytometry pdf

BD TechNotes – Special Sorting Issue pdf