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National B Virus Resource Center

NIH's NCRR funds the National B Virus Resource Center to provide 24/7/365 diagnostic testing, educational resources, and emergency information to requestors. The Diagnostic Laboratories are adjacent to the B Virus Research Laboratories, facilitating exchange of the most up-to-date strategies for identification of B virus infections whether in the natural host or in zoonotically infected humans. Antiviral research provides current drug sensitivities and treatment monitoring for zoonotic infections.


1) FAQ page

2) B Virus Guidelines

3) CDC B Virus Information

4) Submission Form

5) Recommendation for Sample Collection, Storage, & Shipment

6) CDC Import Permit (for foreign clients only)

7) Mini-SOP

8) Medical Alert Card

9) Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories 5th Edition

10) GA DCH Clinical Laboratory License

11) CLIA Clinical Laboratory License

12) Gibbon Submission Form

13) Macaque pictures and information

14) Current Pricing, Test Methods, and Payment Portal

15) CLIA Complaints

16) US Fish & Wildlife Service Permit

17) US Fish & Wildlife Service Port Exception Permit

Did You Know?

Georgia State University is home to one of the few bio-safety level 4 (BSL-4) labs in a university setting.


New Shipping Address

National B Virus Resource Center
Virology Immunology Center
Georgia State University
161 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive
Atlanta, GA 30303


Do not collect samples using swabs with
wooden shafts, metal shafts or cotton tips.
These will yield false negative results.
Please see updated guidance in
Number 5 and Number 7 of the
Notice list in the opposite field.


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