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Diagnostic Services

The National B Virus Resource Laboratory provides diagnostic assays for both nonhuman primates and humans suspected to be infected with B virus. We provide service on a 24/7 and on an emergency basis 365 days/year.

We offer diagnostic testing services for injury- (exposure) related human and nonhuman primate samples as well as for routine screening. B virus zoonosis can be effectively managed with early detection of these deadly agents in cases of zoonotic infection. Early detection can translate into prevention of morbidity and mortality as a result of an inadvertent exposure to this uniquely pathogenic herpesvirus.

Upon request, the followings are available from the National B Virus Resource Center:

1) Selected B Virus recombinant proteins and polyclonal antibodies;

2) Inactivated whole B Virus antigen;

3) Field strip tests for B Virus antibody testing;

4) Virus isolation and identification from any species of nonprimates or humans;

5) Identification of B virus specific antibodies;

6) Resource sharing for qualified users, including BSL4, serology and virology robotics, and high thru-put, high content screening

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