The staff of the National B Virus Resource Center consists of 2 Ph.D.'s, 1 M.D.'s, Ph.D. and M.S. graduate students, and highly trained professional technicians including licensed Medical Technologists. Our technical staff performs all diagnostic assays currently offered by the National B Virus Diagnostic Laboratory. Doctoral staff reviews all diagnostic data and works on active research protocols to enhance diagnosis of B virus in macaques and humans. Staff provides global resources 24/7/365 for emergency identification of B virus zoonotic infections, as well as to perform routine screening for B virus in macaques.


Diagnostics Laboratory Team

Name Email Phone
Julia Hilliard, Ph.D., Director (Office) 404-413-6560
(Cell) 404-358-8168
David Katz, Ph.D., Co-Director 404-413-6572
Irina Patrusheva, MD, Molecular Virologist 404-413-6565
Nina Beato, M.S., M.T. (AAB), Laboratory Manager/Diagnostic Supervisor 404-413-6565
Mariela Roman, M.S., Diagnostic Laboratory Technician 404-413-6565
Chia-Ching Chen, M.S., Diagnostic Laboratory Technician 404-413-6565

Diagnostics Administrative Team

Name Email Phone
Nikiesha Brooks, B.S., Associate to the Director


Laboratory Consultants

Name Email Phone
David Davenport, M.D., Clinical Consultant 269-337-4300
J. Scott Schmid, Ph.D., CDC Consultant 404-639-0066


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