Liontailed Macaque

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Liontailed Macaque

Distinguishing Characteristics

Unlike any other macaque, liontailed macaques have a long, brownish gray mane around the face. They have a black body and a black tail with a slight tuft of hair on the tip.

Physical Characteristics

Head and body length
- Male: 460mm (18.1in)
- Female: 510-610mm (20.1-24.0in)
- Male: 3.0-6.0kg (6.6-13.2lb)
- Female: 5.0-10.0kg (11.0-22.0lb)



Evergreen, broadleaf forest in hilly country up to 1500m (4922ft).


Fruit, seeds, mushrooms, flowers, young buds, and animal prey, including snails and giant squirrel infants.


Diurnal and arboreal. Lion-tailed macaques use the middle and upper levels of canopy (93%) and rarely come to the ground. They forage for insects under bark and by breaking dead branches. They are good swimmers. The individual's presentation of its hindquarters to another individual is a sign of submission. After a fight, 60% of the reconciliation are initiated by the aggressor, and 40% by the victim.