Pigtailed Macaque

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Pigtailed Macaque

Distinguishing Characteristics

Pig-tailed macaques are olive brown above, with white underparts. The top of the head is dark brown. The tail is short, slender, and thinly furred or naked.

Physical Characteristics

Head and body length
- Male: 467-564mm (18.4-22.2in)
- Female: 495-564mm (19.5-22.2in)
- Male: 4.7-10.9kg (10.4-24.0lb)
- Female: 6.2-14.5kg (13.7-32.0lb)


Burma to Malay Peninsula and Sumatra

Lowland primary and secondary forest and coastal, swamp, dry land, and montane forest up to 1700m (5578ft). .


Fruit and seeds, 73.8%; animal prey (including insects, nestling birds, termite eggs and larvae, and river crabs), 12.2%; leaves, 5.4%; buds, 3%; flowers, 1.1%; other plant matter, including fungus.


Diurnal, arboreal, and terrestrtial. They have a unique facial expression called a pucker, which has variable meanings but usually implies aggressiveness. Females may form coalitions to attack a male. This species is currently in demand by medical laboratories for HIV (AIDS virus) research.