Tibetan Macaque

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Tibetan Macaque

Distinguishing Characteristics

Tibetan macaques have long, dense, grayish brown fur. The whiskers and beard are lighter than the top of the head. Infants are blackish with silver, which changes to yellow at age 2

Physical Characteristics

Head and body length
- Male: 613-710mm (24.1-28.0in)
- Female: 507-630mm (20.0-24.8in)
- Male: 14.2-17.5kg (31.3-38.6lb)
- Female: 13.0kg (28.7lb)



Subtropical evergreen forest to mixed deciduous temperate forest at 800-2000m (2625-6562ft) elevation.


Leaves, shoots, fruits, roots, mushrooms, and animal prey, including eggs, birds, snakes, and invertebrates. These macaques are fed by humans near temples.


Diurnal, and primarily terrestrtial. Tibetan macaques are reported to have a "favorate" infant that they hold and groom. Subordinate males recognize this care and carry the favorite infant to the dominant males in order to interact affiliatively with them.