Biology 8510 / 8710


Location: Room 324 Sparks Hall
Intro Lecture:  
Time: Tues /Thurs 1:00 pm - 2:50 pm
Credit Hours: 2 hr


Lecturer: Dr. John Houghton
Office: 520 Petit Science Center
Laboratory: 657 Petit Science Center
Office Phone: (404) 413-5390



Goals of the Course: The intent of this course is to familiarize you, the student, with information pertaining to the topic of Apoptosis. The course is also geared to help you learn to present scientific information in an effective and coherent, scientific manner -as well as to stimulate class discussion in and around the topic that is being presented. It is expected that all sudents have access to computers/labtops and that the student is familar with either Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple's Keynote presentation software.

There are no exams, per se, but each student will be asked to present their evaluation of at least one paper during the semester, and will be graded on this presentation. Moreover, it is also expected that ALL students read ALL assigned material before each class period, as each student may be asked to contribute information on any paper that is being, or has been discussed. "Active" participation is "actively" encouraged, and will be rewarded. As a consequence of the limited time available in the Summer semester, attendence for all lectures/presentations is epected. If you are unable to attend any given seminar date it is also expected that, as a courtesy to me and yor fellow students, you excuse yourself before the lecture date. If you will not be able to be available on the day that you are presenting, you must give adequate warning so that someoe will be able to take your place. Any unexcused absence is unnacceptable. Furthermore, more than one excused absences will result in the potential loss of a grade.

Ethical considerations: Unless otherwise stated, all written and presented documents and figures that are submitted for evaluation are considered to be the sole property and idea(s) of the individual student that is submiting them, and or is duly referenced. Any student(s) caught copying or cheating will automatically receive zero credit for that particular submission, and possibly be subject to further disciplinary action.  All students should be aware of the academic honesty policy ( ).

Course Website:While there is an icollege account associated with this course (Students must use their campus ID and password to log on to the account), there is also a more direct link to all the available information about the course, here (

Attendance and Grading:

• Attendance: Students are allowed NO unexcused absence. In the event of such absence, they will be required to submit a 3-page report on the Summary of the research paper's findings presented by one of the Presenters on the day they failed to attend. For the second absence a 10-page report will be required. The student will need to drop the class if he/she has THREE absences or receives a grade ‘U'.

• Grading: The course will be graded on an Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) scale. The grade will be based on attendance, reading and PPT assignments, as well as participation and attentiveness during seminars. Students missing more than 3 seminars will receive an automatic “U” for the course.

Upon completing the course, please take time to fill out the online course evaluation.   Students who wish to request accommodation for a disability may do so by registering with the Office of Disability Services. Students beforehand and may only be accommodated upon issuance by the Office of Disability Services of a signed, “Accommodation Plan”. The student is responsible for providing a copy of that plan to one of the instructors of all seminars for which accommodation(s) is sought.  

This syllabus provides a plan for the course, deviations may be necessary.



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