Assamese Macaque 2

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Assamese Macaque

Distinguishing Characteristics

The coat of Assamese macaques varies from yellowish to dark brown. The face is hairless, and the skin is red in adults.

Physical Characteristics

Head and body length
- male: 431-587mm (17.0-23.1in)
- female: 538-730mm (21.2-28.7in)
- male: 4.9-8.6kg (10.8-19.0lb)
- female: 7.9-15.0kg (17.4-33.1lb)


Nepal to Viet Nam to Southern China

Monsoon, montane, evergreen, bamboo, and duciduous dry forest at 300-3500m(984-11,484ft) elevation


Fruit, young leaves, insects, crops, and mammal prey


Diurnal, arboreal, and terrestrtial. These macaques have been observed frequenting the high canopy