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Barbary Macaque

Distinguishing Characteristics

Barbary macaques are yellowish gray to grayish brown. The underparts are paler and the face is dark. They have no tail.

Physical Characteristics

Head and body length
- Male: 450mm (17.7in)
- Female: 550-600mm (21.7-23.6in)
- Male: 10.2-11.0kg (22.5-24.2lb)
- Female: 15.3-17.0kg (33.7-37.5lb)


Morroco, Algeria, Gibraltar

Mixed cedar and holm oak or cork ork forest up to 1600-2160m(5260-7087ft).


Acorns; bark, cones, and needles of cedar trees; mushrooms; bulbs; animal prey, including insects, other invertebrates, and amphibians. The diet changes seasonally.


Diurnal, arboreal, and terrestrtial. These macaques forage in trees, on the ground, and even under rocks. Males associate with infants soon after birth. There is little male aggression.