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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Services
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About Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting and Luminex MAGPIX Services

Flow cytometry uses the physical characteristics of a cell as well as fluorescent reagents/markers to answer phenotypic, biochemical and molecular questions.  Cell sorting uses these same characteristics and fluorescent markers to separate specific cells of interest from a complex mix of cells.   Cell Sorting can be used for various reasons such as very high purity (95% - 99%) populations, enrichment of populations or separation of low-density populations.
Basic Costs

Accuri C6

$25 / hour

Option available for most Cytometric Analyses.


$30.00 / hour
$10.00 / set up

Option available for most Cytometric Analyses.

LRS Fortessa

$35.00 / hour
$10.00 / set up

Option available for most Cytometric Analyses.


$110.00 / hour
Service Only

Please Consult with Sonja Young for additional options.

Luminex MagPix

$150.00 / hour
Service Only

Please Consult with "Sandy" Ying-Sin Hsieh for additional options.



$75.00 / PLATE
(Magnetic Bead assays)

Rec. Plate

Acquire Data

Materials Cost



$150.00 / PLATE
(Magnetic Bead assays)

Rec. sample

Prepare Plate

Acquire Data

Materials Cost


When preparing your samples, please follow the sample submission guidelines that will be given to you by Sandy. Data is reported within 2-3 business days after samples are received, or within a reaonable, mutually agreed time thereafter. Follow the links below to view the service/training guidelines:

Training on the Accuri C6
Training on the LSRFortessa II and FACSCanto II
Cell Sorting on the FACS Aria II is through SERVICE ONLY
-the FACS Aria II is only run by Sandy. Researchers will prepare the samples and may assist with gating parameters. Unused sample and sorted cells will be returned to the researcher upon completion of the sort.

How to Request Service

Contact "Sandy" Ying-Sin Hsieh by email to begin the training process on the Accuri C6, LSR Fortessa or FACSCanto II.

If you are requesting Cell Sorting services, please contact "Sandy" Ying-Sin Hsieh by email to discuss your needs and the experiment protocol. Please contact Sandy at least 2 weeks before the actual sort to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts as sorting cell is a tie-sensitive, labor intensive process. Sorting can be done with 2 day notice, but only if the FACSARIA II and Sandy are available. If you have any questions about the service or pricing, feel free to contact "Sandy" Ying-Sin Hsieh by phone or by email at

Additional Links

A major component of the flow cytometry training process is web based, using some of the following links:

Introduction to Flow

Assorted Videos on Flow Cytometry from BD
Aria-Fortessa-Canto-Accuri Laser-PMT
Comp beads insert instructions
Selecting Reagents for Multicolor Flow Cytometry
BD TechNotes
Titration of Antibodies Protocol
Titration of Antibodies

Additional Flow Cytometry Links

Ask Sonja for more details.

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