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Targeted RNA /DNA Protein Detection Services
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About Nanostring technology Services

Cell Protein DNA Core offers the targeted profiling of RNA expression, using patented “molecular barcode” technology developed at nanoString. The multiplexed barcodes consist of multiple, two-probe components; one of which provides the discreet fluorescent barcode that, when combined with its partner probe, specifically hybridizes to targeted nucleic acid sequences and allows for an accurate and reproducible accounting of their presence. The analysis uses the nCounter® SPRINT Profiler from Nanostring, which provides highly multiplexed quantitation of up to 800 nucleic acid targets (mRNA, rRNA µRNA, DNA) for any given analysis. This technology may also be adapted to detect the presence of targeted sequences of Protein -upon request

Please follow the sample submission guidelines to prepare your sample for service.

Nanostring Sample Prep Specification

Data is reported within 2-3 business days after each sample run. following the Core receiving all requisite probes ans Sample Cartrideges, which can be purchased by the researcher directly from Nanostring Technology.

For further details on the purchase of any and all related products from Nanostring, please contact:

Christine Hipsky,
NanoString Applications Specialist

a basic otline of products and costs are given below:

Full Service

$100.00 per Run
+ Cost of Cartridges
+ Cost of Probes/ Kits


Pre-Run -PCR

nCounter® Run



  $300 per

Contact Jesse Gardner for more details.

Probes / Kits

price subject to change -Contact: Christine Hipsky

CS Kits 12 rxns

How to Request Service

Contact Jesse Gardner to arrange a time to discuss the proposed project, the purchase of specific kits and the intended time for the samples to be prepared. Please note that no service will be performed without the presentation of an account number and the PI's direct consent. If you have any additional questions about the service or pricing, feel free to contact Jesse Gardner by phone or by email at

Genomics Microarray Service Request Form

Additional Links

The Genomics/ Transcriptomoc facility also provides access to sophisticated analysis software to enhance the researchers ability to more fully analyze their data.

This software is available either in the proteomics core facility itself or at deignated computers scattered within the PSC or NSC

Available Software includes:
Genespring Microarray Analysis software
nanoString Analysis software,

Ask Jesse Gardner for more details.

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