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DNA Sequencing Services
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About DNA Sequencing Services

Our mission is to improve productivity and advance your research progress. CPD Core Facilities provide reliable DNA Sequencing services to researchers at GSU and other academic, pharmaceutical, clinical institutions as well as governmental agencies. Our focus is to porvide excellent scientific service at competitive prices. We have 3730 Genetic Analyzers (Applied Biosystems) are the instrumental backbone of the facility; each providing an automated capillary electrophoresis system that can separate, detect and analyze up to 48 capillaries of fluorescently labelled DNA fragments in 1 run, with the potential to multiple run within a given 24 hr period. The 3730 Genetic Analyzer analyzes DNA through sequence and fragment analysis.
Service Types

The DNA facility offers three service options for submitting your sequencing order: PCR Prep/Cleanup, Basic Sample Prep, and Premix Sample Prep. Please follow the sample submission guidelines to prepare your DNA for sequencing. Data is reported within 2-3 business days after samples are received. When submitting samples for analyis we ask that you provide sufficient DNA/primer for two sequencing reactions. This allows us to repeat a sample in case of technical failure.

Please follow the links below to view the submission guidelines:
PCR Prep/Cleanup
Basic Sample Prep
Premix Sample Prep

DNA Service 1

$7.00 / sequence rxn

Options available for BAC & Cosmid DNA preparation.
DNA / RNA seq

~$875 / sample DNA ~$925 / sample RNA

DNA Analysis

$40 / 4 samples DNA includes reagents & chips

Options available for DNA / & RNA detection

DNA / RNA seq

~$125 / sample DNA ~$175 / sample RNA

Options available for Genomic DNA / RNA Sequences

How to Request Service

Complete the service request form and submit the form to Jesse Gardner. Prepare your samples according to our submission guidelines for best results. Please note that forms will not be accepted without an account number and PI signature. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jesse Gardner by phone or by email at jgardner26@gsu.edu.

DNA Sequencing Basic Form
DNA Sequencing Premix Form
Additional Links

Provided below are addtional links to software, primer selection guidelines, primers in stock and trouble shooting that can be utilized to analyze or assist you with your results if they did not return as expected.

Software to view chromatogram. Several choices are available through Chromas, Four Peaks and LaserGene.

Chromas Lite          LaserGene
Chromas 2.31         Four Peaks
Chromas Pro

Primer Selection Guidelines
Primers in Stock

Troubleshooting your results



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