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Operation Manuals

In this section you will find guidelines for the use of assorted instruments within the Cell - Protein - DNA Core Facilities. These guidelines are designed to re-familiarize you with the "basic" use of each instrument. Just click on the appropriate link and it should take you to the pertinent guidelines.

Before you gain access to any -and all- of the equipment within the core facility it is expected that you will already have received some training on the particular instrument that you wish to use, and that you have already become acquainted with the relevant operator's manual (see Resources/Forms/Training... for more information). If this is not the case, do not attempt to operate any piece of equipment in the core facility. If you would like to receive training on any of the equipment, please contact either "Sandy" Ying-Sin Hsieh (404) 413-5363: or John Houghton (404) 413-5390: for more details on common equipment training dates/times and arrangements for specialized equipment training. All Specialized equipment training sessions will incur a $50.00 training fee, prorated in 15 min. increments.

Remember, the equipment should be in perfect, working order when you arrive in the core facility, please leave it the same way. If for any reason the equipment does not appear to be in working order, first check the sign-in book to see when it was used last, and if the person who last used it has made any comments. In the case of equipment failure or breakdown while you are using it make appropriate notes in the log book and contact either: John Houghton (404) 413-5390: or Sonja Young(404) 413-5379):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Cell - Protein - DNA Core facility. These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of the Cell - Protein - DNA core facility, utilizing the core website efficiently, operating instruments, scheduling training, and services offered by the facility. These FAQs will often link to more detailed information. Please note that If you have any questions that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email "Sandy" Ying-Sin Hsieh or John Houghton.

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Here you will find information and forms relating to specific areas or function(s) within the core facility that will require some degree of active participation with a member of the core technical staff, either to initiate some degree of advanced training on a particular piece of equipment (Level I & II), or to undertake the specific service, directly (Level III).

Training Forms to be submitted will be given after training, which can be filled in and delivered -using "sneaker-net" (in person)- to NSC 338.

All Specialized equipment training sessions will incur a $50.00 training fee, prorated in 15 min. increments.

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A listing of the application specialists within the facility, their contact numbers, and a brief description as to their technical expertise.

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This section includes information concerning safety procedures - whom to contact, forms, EtBr Safety procedures, and what to do in case of an emergency such as a fire.

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Other Facilities

Within the Advanced Core Facilities exist many individual facilities across the Georgia State University campus that offer other additional services.

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