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ALL researchers who would like to undertake research in the Natural Sciences at Georgia State University (and who wish to avail themselves of the ABCore research facilities and instrumentation within the Natural Science Centre and / or the Petit Science Centre) MUST go through an initial series of training sessions to familiarize themselves with fundamental aspects of Laboratory Safety and Security, as well as to learn what equipment is available in the core facilities and how each is to be used.

Face-to-Face GENERAL training sessions (which include AUTOCLAVE training) will be scheduled at the beginning of each Fall and Spring Semester for incoming students and staff -so that they might gain access to the ABCore facilities and become familiar with the use of basic, molecular technological instrumentation in these facilities.

As of 11/01/22 all other unscheduled GENERAL training sessions will be undertaken ON-LINE.

Additionally, ONE-ON-ONE training sessions will still be available UPON REQUEST for any and all researchers for the use of more "specialized equipment" that is available in the ABCore facilities


In order to gain access to the Core Facilities ALL NEW RESEARCHERS NEED TO:

(1) Sign-Up with the ABCore facilities by either clicking on the "Scheduled" GENERAL Training Sessions or "OPEN REGISTRATION" buttons (see below) and follow directions thereafter.

(2) Register with BIOSAFETY through the Research Safety portal (see below) and take the mandatory ON-LINE Safety/Security video -see below, and then Click on the "Research Portal" to view ON-LINE Instrument Training

(3) Meet and fulfill  ALL TRAINING requirements, and then -as a member of the research facilities community- MUST abide by the fundamental rules which underpin the smooth workings of the ABCore facilities and agree -                     

  • (i) to use ONLY their own GSU card to swipe-in to each room when accessing the core facilities AND to "log-in / log out" of each instrument they  use,
  • (ii) to take appropriate care of instrumentation that they use, ensuring that the workspace around each piece of equipment is kept clean -after use, 
  • (iii) to communicate with ABCore Staff members ASAP if / when equipment is not working properly,
  • (iv) NOT to use equipment on which they have NOT been trained, and
  • (v) NOT to share ther personalised  panthercard  access privileges with ANYONE -see Security and Awareness video.

  • SPRING '23
    Lab coats, Eye Protection -required AT ALL times...
    Use of MASKS has been downgraded to "highly suggested" for work in ABCore facilities' space


    REGISTRATION -Revised 01/16/2023

    SPRING '23   &  MAY / SUMMER '23

  • (1)  Register ON-LINE by CLICKing on the "OPEN REGISTRATION" button below to sign up for Core facility access. Dr. Hyuk Kyu Seoh will then respond via email and inform you about any and all specific aspects of the new registration process and further inform you as to any recent changes in the process.
  • Spring '23:
    training1 training1    
    May / Summer '23:
    training1 training1    

  • (2) Be sure that you have viewed the MANDATORY, ON-LINE  presentation on "Security Awareness" in "iCollege" under the "Research Safety" portal on iCollege, and that you have taken / passed the requisit online quiz  -earning a score of greater than 80%.
  • If you do not see the "Research Safety" portal (an image of a technician in a yellow hazmat suit, wearing a gas mask) then you will need to either (1) contact biosafety to have them give you access to the "Research Safety" portal (preferred), or (2) follow the directions in the pdf that was given to you when you Registered ON-LINE to request access to the "Research Safety" portal.
  • (3) In order to fulfill all training requirements for access to the ABCore facilities LOG-IN to iCollege. CLICK on the "RESEARCH PORTAL" image (see image below) and go to "Equipment Training and Videos".

  • training2  
    VIEW ALL available ON-LINE * VIDEO TUTORIALS in this "iCollege portal", which presently include: UVP Imaging System (Transilluminator) , Equipment Training Introduction , Shakers and Vacufuge, before taking the MANDATORY ON-LINE Quiz at the end of EACH presentation, earning a score of greater than 80%.
    VIEW ALL of the additional TRAINING VIDEOS within the BASIC TRAINING VIDEOS section of this web site BEFORE continuing on to the NEXT step.
  • (4) CLICK on the AUTOCLAVE TRAINING Button (see below) and choose the optimal day for your training in the calendar provided (Mon, Wed or Fri, dates blocked off in blue), then click on the time 10:30 am or 1:00 pm and sign up for your preferred time time slot. BE AWARE that Wed 1:00 pm and Fri 1:00 pm time slots are for NSC Rm 484 -ONLY, while all others are for PSC 545 -ONLY. Information and training that you receive in these autoclave sessions is designed to augment the video information that is given in STEP (4). Each training session, however, can only accomodate FIVE individuals at a time. So, if one is full, please move on to the next available time slot.

  • training1
  • If you are unsure as to when you can take the "AUTOCLAVE" training, or unsure as to what you need to do next about "AUTOCLAVE" training, please contact Chip Foster (see below)
  • (5) Finally, GO TO THE "FORMS" Page of this website  (Resources > Forms). Scroll down to "TRAINING" and CLICK on the appropriate "Basic Training... Form.  DOWNLOADthis form and address all required inputs from you, your direct supervisor and departmental chair. If you have any questions as to how to fill in this form please contact Sonja Young (PSC 519) or Hyuk Kyu Seoh (PSC 521) -or indeed any of the Core Facility Technical staff.

  • Submit this form (along with a picture of the front and back of your PANTHER CARD to Sonja Young (PSC 519) or Hyuk Kyu Seoh (PSC 521), who will then get back with you to ensure that you have completed ALL requirements appropriately -and may even test your knowledge of the information that you have received from the assorted videos that you have reviewed.

  • About the Training



    Additional Information

    For more detailed information about general equipment training and /or additional information about more specialized -one on one- equipment training, please contact:




    Hyuk-Kyu Seoh
    (404) 413-5379

    Office: PSC Rm 521
    Lab: PSC Rm 537

      Sonja Young
    (404) 413-5363

    Office: PSC Rm 519
    Lab: PSC Rm 661
      Chip Foster
    (404) 413-5363

    Office: PSC Rm 519

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