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Senior Biosafety Officer: Betsy Butler

Office:  (404) 413-3568

Chemical Safety Officer: Jamar Simmons

Office:  (404) 413-3535

Cell, Protein and DNA Core Facilities- Safety Basics

Spills: In case of a spill in the hallway during transportation of the gel follow the spill response procedures below:

- Isolate the area using any available means
- Alert others of the emergency
- Evaluate the risk of exposure
- If there is no exposure risk, clean up with a spill kit
- Spill kits are located in your lab and in common facility rooms (location on door)
- If the spill is out of your control call Environmental Programs:

ETBR Usage Procedure: Gloves should always be worn when handling hazardous materials, and to avoid cross-contamination gloves must be removed when using or touching communal equipment/surfaces. Different glove types should be used appropriately; visit the GSU Chemical Safety website at Glove Resistance table for information on glove types and their resistance to chemicals. The following guidelines must be followed when using all Core Facilities:

- Keep your gloves on while handling hazardous material (acrylamide/agarose gels)
- Place the gel in a cold container
- Remove your gloves
- Close the cold container
- Carry the container to core facility through hallway using no gloves
- Sign into the logbook for the instrument
- Put on a new pair of gloves
- Remove the gel from the cold container
- Place the gel into Imager
- Remove one glove to adjust knobs with gloveless hand while moving the gel into place with gloved hand
- Remove the other glove
- Work with the keyboard and instruments using no gloves
- When you are done, open the instrument door and also open the labeled hazardous waste container in the core facility.
- Don a new pair of gloves and place the gel into the waste container or back into the cold container.
- Remove your gloves
- Close the instrument door and place lid onto the waste container
- Sign out of the logbook that instrument worked properly. If there were any problems, note in logbook AND contact Sonja Young (404) 413-5363 or John Houghton (404) 413-5390)

Additional Safety Links

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