TEST 3 -FINAL                                                                                                                             pdf _download 

As discussed previously, LOG ON to TEAMS as you would normally do for the LECTURE -MAKING SURE THAT YOU HAVE A WORKING CAMERA AVAILABLE


The link on this page will become "LIVE" at 1:30pm for a period of 30 minutes ONLY. You will see a "download" symbol next to the word icon below.

At this time you will be able to "DOWNLOAD" the test as a Microsoft Word file by clicking on the WORD icon, below, which will allow you to read and edit the Test 2 document on your home computer.




The file that you have downloaded is named something like "SURNAME_FINAL.docx". When you open it, save the file under your last name, followed by your first name initial eg. "ROBINSON J_FINAL.docx". In this way when you submit the file to me once you have finished the test... I will know it has been submitted and it will be labelled with your name, and more easily graded.

Section 1A:  Multiple Choice Questions. Please indicate your preference for one (yes, only one) of the given answers by making your choice BOLD, by highlighting your answer or by changing the colour of the word in the answer.

Section 1B: TRUE/FALSE Questions will require you to read the statement, decide if it is TRUE or FALSE and then if you have chosen FALSE explain your answer.

Section 2: Direct questions which will require you to write concise answers to the question asked, as well as provide an example(s) when asked to do so.

The lines that are given in the original question are merely suggestions as to how long your answer might be. As you type in your answer feel free to remove the lines to make your answer more legible. Be aware of the points available for each part of the question, as this will indicate, potentially, how much detail you are expected to give



You will have approximately 2hrs to complete the test. While you are taking the test, please stay on-line through MICROSOFT TEAMS so that you can ALL stay in touch with me and your peers. This is so that I can address questions directly, and request activation of cameras -so that you can be seen (which is a reuirement for ONLINE EXAMS

When you are finished with the test let me know in "the chat" section of TEAMS BEFORE you LOG OUT and Email me your modfied FINAL TEST document... I will try to reply to you ASAP to confirm that I have received your Test answers. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE TEAMS until you receive notification to do so























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