Biology 2107, Spring '20


Location: Room 200 Langdale Hall
Time: Monday & Wednesday 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Credit Hours: 3 hrs


Lecturer: Dr. John Houghton  
Office: 520 Petit Science Center  
Laboratory: 657 Petit Science Center  
Office Phone: (404) 413-5390  
Office hours: Mon: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ...or by appointment



Text: "Biology, How Life Works"   Ed. Morris, Hartl, Knoll and Lue,

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  • Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


  "Biology, How Life Works"   Ed. Morris, Hartl, Knoll and Lue, Amazon link


Assorted Internet Sites.

Note: Many of the images that are presented in the attached web site are scanned images or downloaded images from the above text or from related internet sources. In addition, there are other image downloads and movie links which are often derived from PBS TV (or other sites, such as that will be referenced, and are to be used for educational purposes only.


Grading Policy *: Grades will be divided amomg the various quizzes and examinations in the following manner-


  Quizzes (best 2 out of 3) 20 %
  Mid-Term Exam I 20 %
  Critical thinking assignment
(Term Paper)
15 %
  Final Exam 45 %
  Total 100 %


Makeup exams: Please make every effort to take the tests on the scheduled dates. Makeup exams should be taken only under very special circumstances. Please note that the makeup exams may be graded differently, as (by definition) they cannot be incorporated into a "class curve". 

Ethical considerations: Unless otherwise stated, all examination answers that are submitted for evaluation are considered to be the sole property and ideas of each individual student. Any student(s) caught copying or cheating will automatically receive zero credit for that particular submission, and possibly be subject to further disciplinary action. 

Be aware of Plagiarism. All students should be aware of the academic honesty policy ( ).


Grading Scale: The Biology Department has recommended the following scheme.

Note that all sections of a particular course must use the same grading system

  97-100 = A+
  90-96 = A
  88-89 = A-
  86-87 = B+
  80-85 = B
  78-79 = B-
  77-78 = C+
  70-76 = C
  68-69 = C-
  60-67 = D
    < 60 = F



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